Home Solutions


Climate Pro provides Home Solutions – Our passion is to provide value driven, energy efficient solutions, to homeowners. Energy efficiency means you get more value for the same amount of energy used. For instance, one gallon of gasoline can take you 30 miles in one car, with another less efficient car, only half as far. Energy efficiency saves consumers money, requires no compromise in lifestyle, reduces air pollution and contributes to economic growth.

Plans are already in place by the Utilities to charge many homeowners additional premiums for energy inefficient systems. Climate Pro is committed to help owners financially cope with this changing world of higher electrical energy costs.

Home Heating, Cooling and Ventilation – Change out of old, inefficient air conditioning and heating equipment in existing homes. Air conditioning upgrades for remodels, and installation in custom new homes. Furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, ductless split systems. Documented highly energy efficient systems are our specialty and passion. We are several cuts above the competition in our approach to your house.

Service and Repairs – Service and repair of all major brands of air conditioning. Call or email us regarding problems with your existing equipment. We provide and install accessories- humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, UV light purification, and HEPA filtrations systems.

Service Agreements – We recommend scheduled maintenance that is customized to your equipment, and how you use it. Much like an automobile, an air conditioning system needs to be regularly maintained. Having an A/C tune-up can save customers up to 30 percent on their home cooling costs according to Southern California Edison (SCE).

Best Practices for Home Solutions – Along with new energy efficient products there are now standardized and accessible “best practice” programs such as Manual J, Title 24, duct pressure loss calculations and duct sizing. We provide ARI-certified, matched systems to assure energy efficient installed products and ductwork delivery systems.

Repair or Installation of ductwork – Installation and repair of ductwork in new and existing homes. Leaky or poorly designed/installed ductwork is one of the top three energy wasters and can create uncomfortable areas in your house. We have the expertise and desire to solve these types of issues.

Air Balancing and Zoning – A possible solution for hot and cold areas in a home. Two story homes are a common problem with zoning (too warm on the second floor) we can often provide solutions to these areas.