Commercial Solutions

Climate Pro provides solutions for offices, buildings, campuses, industrial and retail facilities from 1,000 square feet to 1,000,000 (or more) square feet.

Commercial Heating and Cooling - Solutions for too warm or too cold areas of the building is our specialty. Energy and controls review. Boiler change outs, upgrades and AQMD compliance. New construction or retrofit of existing cooling equipment and systems.. Maintenance and equipment repairs of existing equipment through our Service Department. Maintenance and repairs to boilers, pumps, valves, expansion tanks, including water treatment.

Controls, Air flow, Zoning, Ventilation - Air Conditioning and heating and air flow problems are the Number one reason that otherwise satisfied tenants leave a building. Have your facility or office working at a more comfortable level with our cost effective installations, repairs and solutions.

Tenant improvements - We provide build to specification and “turnkey” tenant improvements for your office spaces. Based on our many decades of real life experience our installations are of the best quality.

Computer and Server Rooms - Full line of commercial products and solutions for your server rooms, existing and new computer room applications. Including high density heat solutions created to cool newer generation computers.

Energy Efficiency Solutions - These solutions lie at the heart of our business. We have been providing energy solutions for HVAC products and installations from the beginning. Utility rates are skyrocketing, in some specialty categories the rates have been climbing 200-300% over the last two to three years. With “in place” plans by the Utilities to charge for “time of use”- across the board, this issue is at the cutting edge of business costs. Do not get cut badly, call us today! We provide financial modeling and payback analysis for sensible and energy efficiency upgrades for your business.